• Fifi


    Fifi is a versatile, no-mess male masturbator.

    Unlike other sex toys for men, Fifi doesn't need cleaning because of its disposable sleeves -  After use, throw the sleeve out and you're done!

    Fifi rolls as tightly or loosely as you prefer, and for added pressure just give it a squeeze. For a more realistic sensation, Fifi’s foam insert retains heat as you use it.

    The discreet design can blend with any environment, and is a stylish choice that you won't mind showing off. Fifi is a functional and smart male masturbation toy that’s better than your hand. It's simply the best male masturbator.


    • No-Mess Cleanup
    • Adjustable Tightness
    • Discreet Design
    • Naturally Retains Heat


    • Fifi
    • 5 disposable sleeves
    • 5 packets of lubrication


    How To Use:

    Step 1 - Lay flat with the Velcro at the end facing up.

    Step 2 - Lay sleeve close to the end opposite the Velcro as shown above.

    Step 3 - Roll the sleeve up until the Velcro matches and Fifi adheres shut. Roll loosely or tightly depending on your preference.

    Step 4 - Pull the excess sleeve down over the raised lip.

    Step 5 - Add desired amount of water-based lubricant.

    Step 6 - Upon completion, remove sleeve, tie up and dispose.