• Magnifique Metallic Chain Shoulders & Back Jewelry by Bijoux Indiscrets


    Small golden and silver chains that stir the imagination both of the wearer and the beholder.

    An accessory that adds a sensual touch to your look, Magnifique Metallic Chain Shoulders & Back Jewelry uncovers secret fantasies and awakens desire. Seduction is present in every little detail!

    Magnifique Metallic Chain Shoulders & Back Jewelry is reversible, so you can choose how you want to wear the accessory by tying it in from or in back.

    The 100% adjustable, exclusive design by Bijoux Indiscrets is inspired by the sensuous dancers in New York cabarets, where seduction is present in every detail. 

    Wear it on your evening outfit, with lingerie, with nipple pasties or simply with your skin.

    We went out to celebrate the birthday of a friend. I wore my favorite dress and little golden chains on my shoulders, Magnifique.

    We had arranged to meet right at the restaurant, when I arrived, he was waiting at the door.  When he saw me, he looked me up and down, he couldn’t take his eyes off me, “magnetic golden glitz”, I thought.

    We went into the bar and joined our friends. He was trying to conceal what Magnifique aroused in him, he came up close and whispered that by the end of the night the only thing that I’d be wearing would be those little chains on my shoulders. I felt so much like playing!

    When we got home I made him sit on the couch, slowly undid my dress and showed him my lingerie, it looked so good with Magnifique! He was right, from then on the only thing I wore was Magnifique...