As One by Kama Sutra

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Intensify Her Pleasure. Prolong His Passion

Two intimate products included, for both his and her pleasure. Prolongs as well as intensifies love making.

Intensify's sensation begins as a warm, soft glow and then intensifies into a deeply satisfying warmth as the area is stimulated. The scent of spicy cinnamon heats up the mood.

Pleasure Balm Prolonging Gel provides a mild tingling, desensitizing sensation which can help increase sexual stamina and performance.

  • Two intimate products included
  • A product for both his and her pleasure
  • Prolongs as well as intensifies lovemaking

Perfect for

  • Adventurous lovers who want to try something new
  • An excellent bridal shower or bachelorette party gift or party favor
  • Honeymooners and Newlyweds
  • Rekindling the spark of passion in a relationship

2 .44 oz. Bottles.