Be Trū Organics SOUL Oral Wellness Spray


Be Trū Organics SOUL Spray contains their own patented nano-amplified hemp extract, Canatrū. Using revolutionary nano-technology, Canatrū offers smaller, more bioavailable doses for optimal absorption for faster, more targeted delivery, and better product performance within the body.

SOUL Spray also contains three other very powerful superfoods: Panax Ginseng, Astragulus, Goji berry extract, and natural flavors to provide you with a tasty intra-oral delivery system you are guaranteed to love!

Take 3 sprays twice daily by mouth and feel the difference!

Studies show that oral sprays reach a higher blood concentration than supplements taken in pill form.

Be Trū Organics Ginseng Berry flavored SOUL Spray is a powerful blend of adaptogenic herbs enhanced by their unique proprietary nano-hemp extract, Canatrū, for a fully-balanced, antioxidant-rich formula that protects the mind and promotes focus, mood, and overall wellness within the body.

This herbal blend is a perfect balance between the potency of the herbs chosen and the ratios of these specific extracts to work optimally and effectively within the body.

Active ingredients:

  • Astragalus - Contains components that allow the plant to have a positive impact on human health: saponins, flavonoids and polysaccharides. Acts as a strong anti-inflammatory and also fights free radical damage.
  • Ginseng  - One the oldest and most revered herbs on the planet. Powerful adaptogen. Contains complex polysaccharides and immune building antioxidants. Contains multi-dimensional nutrients that boost physical and mental endurance and adaptability. Supports brain cells and improves concentration and cognitive activities.
  • Goji Berries - Perhaps the most nutritionally-dense berry on the planet. Contains 19 different amino acids, 21 trace minerals. Rich in B vitamins. Help our bodies produce choline, an essential nutrient that combats free-radical damage linked to neurological degeneration and Alzheimer’s disease. Full of anti-aging compounds. Known to support the adrenal glands and kidneys. Stimulates the body to produce more HGH naturally.
  • Canatrū  - Powerful and completely nontoxic superfood that is easily absorbed in the body to work more efficiently. Proprietary hemp extract contains a synergistic blend of terpenes and anhydrous hemp oil derived from Certified Organic Hemp . Free from heavy metals, pesticides, and herbicides. Lab tested for potency and quality assurance.

Does not contain THC, opiates, or amphetamines.

1 Oz. Spray.

Be Trū Organics Is Almost Too Good To Be Trū!

Are YOU Looking for:

  • All-Natural Pain Relief?
  •  Non-Addictive Way to Support the Body and Feel Great?
  •  Nano-Technology For Unprecedented Absorption?
  •  Timed Release For Continuous Relief?
  •  Non-GMO Support For Pain & Mood?

Be Trū Organics have created a line of holistic products that greatly support the body’s natural endocannabinoid system, promoting pain relief and cellular repair. 

Be Trū Organics are made in the USA, in a FDA Certified ISO 9001 facility, and contain NO harmful chemicals, parabens, heavy metals, or toxins of any kind. Quite simply, they provide the best plant-based formulas available.

What is Nano-Technology?

All-natural, specific hemp-derived particles are made water-soluble and extremely bio-available by a process called Nano-emulsification. With most consumer products, only about 10% of the particles get used by your body. That’s because a cell cannot fully absorb a particle that is bigger than it.

Cannabinoid particles measure about 2,000 nanometers (or millionths of a meter.) Human cells can only absorb particles that measure 60-80 nanometers. Nano-emulsifacation makes the particles small enough for your body to fully utilize them and reap the benefits.

What is Canatrū™ and Cebatrū™?

Canatrū and Cebatrū are both Be Trū Organics very own proprietary hemp extracts, combined with their own unique, powerful blend of over 75 organic plant terpines.

Cebatrū is used in the topical formulas, and Canatrū is specially formulated for their ingestible products.

The specific cannabinoid particles in Canatrū and Cebatrū are small enough for the body to fully absorb at the cellular level. This process makes Be Trū Organics a powerful, cost-effective option for cannabinoid delivery. The smaller particles created by nanotechnology mean enjoying better results AND no more wasting 90 percent of the product.