• Bijoux HOROSCOPE Gift Set - Cancer


    HOROSCOPE is a Zodiac-themed kit created to let your feminine Cancerian energy flow. 

    Cancer – Water – Aventurine - Your relations involve as much touching as possible. Your sensitivity and need for physical contact make you a sweet and effusive lover who always shows her desires with her body. Strengthen your positivity with aventurine alongside HOROSCOPE.

    This sensual pack includes:

    Green Aventurine Zodiac Gemstone - Free your feminine energy. Your gemstone is Green Aventurine. A compass that leads to new opportunities and helps you reconnect with your heart so you can follow your true desires. Your libido, passion and desires are forms of feminine energy. Feel how they're channeled, heightened and run through your entire body when your gemstone touches your skin.

    Sandalwood Orgasm Balm - Heighten your natural sensations. Feel more! Disconnect from what's going on around you and reconnect with yourself. This balm's aroma takes the personality traits of your natural element, Water, into account, freeing your mind so you can focus on your pleasure. The Sandalwood aroma helps you to manage your emotions. When your mind is calm your body can focus on feeling, heightening your natural sensations. The heating effect stimulates blood flow in the clitoris and your sensations soar!

    Vibrating Bullet - A new way to reach orgasm. You've become aware of your body as new sensations engulf every inch of your skin. Experiment with the 10 vibration settings to find one that helps you turn all that energy and those new sensations into pleasure.


    • Green Aventurine gemstone necklace unique to your star sign, Cancer.
    • Orgasm-enhancing heating effect clitoral balm with a Sandalwood aroma, perfectly suited to your natural element, Water.
    • Silicone vibrator with 10 vibration settings that fits seamlessly on your finger. Button batteries included.

    Combine all three elements for a personalized journey of pleasure and awakening!