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  • Boundless Bed Restraint


    Beware: The Boundless Bed Restraint may tie up your evenings for a long time to come! 

    This set comes with wrist and ankle cuffs that offer velcro-style closures and universal claps, ensuring maximum comfort and restraint.

    The very-sturdy, adjustable securing straps wrap beneath nearly any size bed mattress, ensuring that the sub is bound to the will of the dom. As one of the rising adult toy product categories, BDSM sex toys have seen a surge in the pleasure products community, releasing people of their pent-up tensions in the most sexual ways possible.

    Each of the double-padded, double-stitched wrist cuffs and each of the ankle cuffs are detachable and can be used as individual cuffs, and the soft, plushy interior makes sure that even when someone is completely bound down, they aren't focusing on any discomfort-- they are focusing on their dominant partner and the experience unfurling before them, instead. Built to last, the sturdy universal clasps and O-rings with a swivel design further care for the subs dexterity and comfort, while offering full restraint.

    The Boundless Bed Restraint is easily hidden for those visiting guests with wandering eyes. But perhaps, someone needs to be taught a lesson.


    • 4 totally adjustable and detachable wrist or ankle cuffs with Velcro style closures
    • 4 sturdy, adjustable tethers to fit most mattresses
    • May be used under any bed or as individual tethers
    • Universal clasps and O-rings with swivel design for full dexterity
    • Soft and plushy interior with a vegan leather exterior
    • Double padded, double stitched
    • Functional, durable and textured design

    PU (fabric) Polyester (lining, ribbon décor, Velcro straps) 

    Nickel-Free Iron (O-rings, rivets) Nickel-Free Zinc Alloy (swivel clasps) POM (adjusters)

    63” (each tether)

    16” (maximum circumference – each cuff)