• Golden Love Balls


    These sexy and beautifully feminine Kegel balls help to improve the muscle tone of the vagina, and increase orgasmic intensity by working with the body during wear.

    The rose gold weighted balls of this set are held together with a soft pink silicone cord, which offers flexibility for the balls to move and respond to your body. It is also strong and secure, with an attached handle for easy removal. This eye-catching set is perfect for entry-level users, as the whole set fits comfortably in the palm of a hand.

    To use, simply insert the Golden Balls into the vagina, and perform your Kegel routine of clenching and releasing that muscle. This works to improve sexual satisfaction and reduce the chances incontinence later on. Use a water based lubricant to aid comfortable insertion.


    • Beautifully feminine
    • Rose gold weighted balls
    • Soft pink silicone cord
    • 100% body safe materials
    • Designed to provide both secure use and easy removal

    Metal and silicone

    10.63" (overall length) x .98"