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  • GoodHead Sensations Kit 6 Pack


    GoodHead makes oral better for both the giver and receiver.

    This pack includes everything you need for whatever mood strikes, whether you're wanting cooling, warming, numbing, flavored, or vibrating. 

    These blow job enhancers taste great and turn good head into great head!


    • Deep Throat To-Go - Strawberry
    • Oral Delight Gel - Watermelon
    • Tingle Drops - Cotton Candy
    • Cooling Spray - Mint
    • Warming Oral Delight Gel - Vanilla
    • Vanilla Vibrating Cock Ring


    • Complete Oral Pleasure Kit 
    • No Parabens or Sugar
    • PETA-Certified, Cruelty-Free
    • Proudly Made in America