• Intimate Earth Oral Pleasure Glide Flavored Natural Lubricant


    Add tempting scents and flavors to intimate moments and oral pleasure with these glides sweetened with all-natural organic Stevia.

    The water and plant derived glycerin based formula is Aspartame-free, Paraben-free, and  tasty enough that you can skip dessert, and get to something a little more fun.

    Available in tempting flavors:

    • Cheeky Apples - The delicious taste and smell of crisp fall apples is tart and sweet at the same time! 
    • Banana Cream Pie - The delicious taste of fresh ripe bananas and creamy vanilla filling, then topped with pillowy whipped cream and toasted coconut. The flavor is both banana-y and creamy.
    • Naughty Nectarines - The delicious taste of fresh ripe nectarines will have you and your partner’s mouth watering for more!  
    • Salted Caramel - When it comes to glides that taste and smell like dessert, the Salted Caramel is as close as you’ll get.  With a tantalizing sugary scent that’s creamy and sweet but with a slight salty tang, this is by far one of the favorites in the collection.
    • Wild Cherries - The flavor is slightly sweet, exceptionally yummy and highly addictive, tasting like a mouth-watering cherry candy you just can’t get enough of.
    • Fresh Strawberries - If you don’t have a sweet tooth, spoil yourself with the light and delicate flavor of fresh picked strawberries.

    4 oz. Bottle.