• JO Truly Magnetic Pheromone Body Spray


    Entice and attract with JO Truly Magnetic body spray. While there is no such thing as a love potion, pheromones can tilt the scales in your favor by helping enhance your natural signal. Use this fragrance free pheromone infused body spray to enhance your magnetic self. Studies suggest that pheromones can  enhance closeness, build trust, and promote a deeper connection for users.

    Features & Tips:

    • Ideal for anyone who already has an iconic scent, but wants to enhance their attraction with added pheromones
    • Perfect for wedding nights, romantic getaways, and couples looking to spice up their love life
    • If considering a romantic massage or other endeavors which bring two bodies in close proximity, enhance the experience with pheromones
    • Pheromones also benefit general interpersonal experiences. Great for those involved with sales and customer service.

    Additional info:

    • Works alone or combined with a favorite fragrance
    • Helps you feel more confident and attractive
    • Fragrance-Free
    • Paraben and Glycerin free
    • Each user will smell unique with this product – Unlock your own scent!

    Available in 3 formulas: FOR HER, FOR HIM and UNISEX

    The active ingredients are ESTRATETRAENOL, a female pheromone that signals to men, and ANDROSTENOL, a male pheromone that signals to women.

    The version for her contains Estratetraenol, the formula for him contains Androstenol, and Unisex uses both Estratetraenol and Androstenol.

    .17 oz. Spray.