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  • Kama Sutra Sex-On-The-Go Get Wet Kit


    Sexy slip & slide.

    Sex-On-The-Go Kits from Kama Sutra are sexy little kits that contain everything you need for a quickie.

    Conveniently sized to fit discreetly into a pocket or purse, each kit contains an assortment of single-use sachets for a quickie anytime, anywhere.

    The Get Wet kit contains two kinds of water-based lube - classic and flavored - the wetter the better:

    • 6 Assorted 3mL sachets of Divine Nectars - Water-based, flavored body glide. Use it anywhere on the body. Adds the perfect amount of slip and glide to any intimate activity with a splash of juicy, kissable flavor.
    • 6 Love Liquid 3mL sachets - Kama's Sutra's signature product. This water-based personal lube makes having great sex effortless. The luxuriously simple formula provides a smooth, natural feel for enhanced intimate pleasure.