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    Meet the KIIROO Onyx, the world’s most advanced Teledildonic masturbator.

    Onyx brings a whole new sensory experience to the internet: Intimate touch. Inside Onyx are 10 contracting rings that work together to give you the feeling of real-time intercourse. Each Onyx is capable of connecting with a KIIROO Pearl, or another KIIROO Onyx, and receiving data from those devices.

    In short, you can truly feel your partner’s touch, in real-time, all over the world.

    • Contains patented Fleshlight Superskin material

    • Connects safely and wirelessly via Bluetooth to the Kiiroo platform

    • Features interactive capacitive touch to sense every movement from the partner toy, Pearl

    • Contains 10 contracting pleasure rings to mimic the feeling of penetration

    • Enhanced by a Video Chat platform

    • Two-way connection for touch and feel

    • Exterior capacitive touchpad

    • Discreet and wireless design

    What you’ll Experience with The Onyx men’s toy

    The Kiiroo platform connects users of both the Onyx and the Pearl so they can share intimate moments and bring each other the ultimate pleasure even when they’re far apart.

    While the Onyx is a thrill ride of a solo toy, it can also connect safely and securely to the Kiiroo platform through Bluetooth technology. Once linked to Kiiroo, you can connect to the sexy partner of your choosing for an interactive experience like no other. The secret is the Onyx’s ten contracting rings that pair with the Onyx’s sister toy, the Pearl. Every move she makes with her Pearl, you feel through your Onyx. Relax and enjoy your lady’s sensual touch, even when she’s far away.

    The Onyx is the revolutionary sex toy you’ve been waiting for. Capable of two way online communication, it features the patented SuperSkin Fleshlight sleeve for an experience that perfectly mimics the real feeling of penetration.

    In The Box:

    • Kiiroo Onyx men’s pleasure product
    • USB charging cable
    • Instruction manual
    • Authenticity card
    • Access to Kiiroo’s exclusive, secure adult platform

    Additional Information:

    • Size: 750 g @ 242 x 90 x 80 mm
    • Girth Inside: 44x49mm OPEN. 35x49mm CLOSED.
    • Connectivity: Bluetooth to Desktop Bluetooth 2.0 / Bluetooth 4.0
    • Charge Time: 4 Hours and Rechargeable
    • Warranty: 1 year
    • User Time: 1 Hour
    • Modes: Manual, Auto, Pump
    • USB Charger: Micro USB charger
    • Sleeve: Fleshlight super skin, Removable Sleeve and Washable Sleeve
    • Sync with: Onyx & Pearl
    • Platforms: Compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, and Mac OSX 10.8 and onwards
    • Software Platform: updates available
    • Other: Exterior capacitive touchpad, Interior Fleshlight® sleeve
    • Package: 290 x 140 x 100 mm Weight of package: 1292 grams
    • Splashproof


    You must use a water-based lubricant when enjoying your Kiiroo Onyx. Silicone or oil-based lubricants will destroy your SuperSkin sleeve and must never be used.

    The Fleshlight Sleeve insert is only intended to be used in conjunction with the Kiiroo product and is not intended for use by itself.