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  • Liberator Bondi Portable Playscape with Cuffs


    The Liberator Bondi Portable Playscape is expertly crafted with a solid Baltic birch wood base, the Bondi creates a stable platform for couples to explore bondage play - whether on a floor or on a bed. This weighted, tri-fold bondage platform comes equipped with a total of 16 reinforced D-ring and clip attachment points to give you complete control and access to your partner. Easy to straddle and maneuver, this Portable Playscape makes any posture or position a breeze. The premium faux leather cover feels buttery smooth and amazing against bare skin, while the high-density foam insert provides supremely plush comfort and support for longer play sessions.


    Portable Playscape



    6 Connectors

    Ankle Cuffs

    Thigh Cuffs

    Wrist Cuffs/blindfold