• Magic Wand Plus

    $82.00 $74.95

    OMG-worthy pleasure.

    The Magic Wand massager is America’s most-recommended personal massager, known for its incredible power and durability for over 30 years. Women swear by the iconic, affordable Magic Wand Original, and swoon over the top-of-the-line, cordless, Magic Wand Rechargeable. Why? Because ever since adventurous women discovered the magic of the Magic Wand massager, it has been known for delivering reliable, mind-blowing pleasure, every time – as well as massaging sore muscles, of course.

    Now there is a version that brings together the legendary features you love best in the Original and Rechargeable models - Introducing Magic Wand Plus.

    What's new? 

    The Magic Wand Plus features the classic corded design but with a removal cord for easy storage, a silicone head, a flexible neck, an immediate off and on button, and variable speeds with 4 levels of intensity.

    What's familiar?

    Magic Wand Plus provides the powerful, penetrating vibrations wand-lovers cherish in the classic shape we've all come to love over the last 50+ years.  It uses mains power to deliver formidable, uninterrupted power. No batteries, no recharging. It never runs out of oomph and it’s always ready to go!


    • Legendary powerful, penetrating vibrations
    • Silicone head for broad stimulation
    • Flexible neck to move with you
    • Variable speeds with 4 levels of intensity
    • Plug-in power
    • Removable cord for easy storage
    • 1 Year manufacturer's warranty

    Silicone and ABS