• Magnifique Metallic Chain Waist Jewelry by Bijoux Indiscrets


    Small gold chains that stir the imagination both of the wearer and the beholder.

    Magnifique Metallic Chain Waist Jewelry is an accessory with seduction present in every little detail that adds a sensual touch to your look, uncovers secret fantasies and awakens desire.

    The appearance of this body jewelry is deceiving - you can turn them into the instruments you need to get started in soft bondage!

    An exclusive design by Bijoux Indiscrets, the nickel-free chains are 100% adjustable and inspired by the sensuous dancers in New York cabarets, where seduction is present in every detail.

    Wear it with your evening outfit, sexy lingerie, nipple pasties, or simply with your skin.

    You can also use your Magnifique Metallic Chain Waist Jewelry as a hair accessory or a chain bra.

    It was the perfect occasion for wearing my Magnifique. We had tickets for the theater, so I chose an elegant and sexy outfit. I wore my long jumpsuit and added a sensual touch with Magnifique at my waist. When I came out of my room he looked at me entranced, I knew he would like it. He couldn’t stop watching the chains moving around my waist.

    We both wanted to forget the theater and stay in our room, but we kept up the game.

    Although we enjoyed the play, a part of us couldn’t stop thinking about what would happen next. When we got home, he started kissing me, undid my jumpsuit, but left Magnifique on my waist - it looked so good with my lingerie! While I unbuttoned the buttons of his shirt one by one, he assured me that all he wanted to see me wearing were the silver chains around my waist, and that was all I wore for the rest of the night...