• Magnifique Metallic Chain Whip Necklace by Bijoux Indiscrets

    $40.00 $15.00

    This dual use, elegant necklace is an exclusive design by Bijoux Indiscrets, and inspired by the sensuous dancers in New York cabarets, where seduction is present in every detail. It's perfect for any occasion and makes a great teasing whip when it comes time to play with your lover.

    The cold touch of the nickel-free metal chains contrasts with your skin temperature, and are great for caressing or punishing.

    Wear your necklace on your evening outfit, with lingerie, or simply with your skin.

    They told me I should enjoy myself more so I decided that games would be my thing.

    We went out to dinner with some friends, I wore my tight black dress and favorite silver necklace, Magnifique. Just seeing me come down the stairs, he stood there with his mouth open, grabbed my necklace, pulling me toward him and kissed me. He knew what that necklace meant. We spent the whole time at dinner looking at each other and smiling, we could hardly wait for it to be over, so the fun could begin.

    We ran home, he caressed me as he took off the necklace, which turned into a fantastic whip. The small chains drove me mad, they stroked every inch of my body and punished me with more pleasure...