• Maze Wide Choker


    The perfect necklace for your boldest outfits. Take sensuality out onto the streets! Attach the necklace to the leash and turn it into a toy for your games of submission or domination. It's ideal for leading your partner's movements.

    How to use:

    • Choose the outfit and lingerie you want to surprise your lover with and add a rebellious touch with this choker necklace.
    • Fit the necklace to your neck using the clasp. 
    • Give your partner the leash that turns it into the perfect bondage accessory. Hide your secret from everyone else. 
    • Enjoy the stares.
    • When you're ready, turn it into your bondage necklace by attaching he leash to the loop on the necklace.

    Additional Info:

    • A necklace with a bold design to enjoy both in public and private
    • 100% adjustable via the buckle on the back to fit it to your neck
    • The necklace and leash are separable, so you can attach the leash to any other MAZE accessory
    • Double use! A bold necklace for your most daring looks and a bondage accessory for your private games
    • Perfect for leading your partner's movements
    • 100% vegan: polyurethane straps made from recycled materials
    • Goes with any look, lingerie or bare skin
    • Adds a bold touch to any outfit or lingerie set
    • Exclusively designed by Bijoux Indiscrets

    Lose yourself along the paths of the Maze and discover a place where both of your worlds - the one you show and the one you hide - come together.

    Maze lets you succumb to your desires with a safe and fun way to intensify your sex life and strengthen your trust. Do you dare to enter?

    A blend between current fashion trends and traditional eroticism inspired by classic BDSM means you have all the sensuality and power of bondage in a single accessory, yet it's designed to add a bold touch to your looks, lingerie and games.

    Tip: Combine Maze with FLASH pasties for the ultimate scandalous pairing.