• Ours Fetish Kit


    Go beyond conventional play!

    There's a deep intimacy that comes with absolute trust. Surrender the senses and give into desire with this erotic set of universal restraints, adjustable and breathable ball gag, nipple suckers, teasing feather, and blackout blindfold. Take your fantasies to the edge.


    • Adjustable cuffs with Velcro-style closure for wrists or ankles
    • Adjustable, breathable ball gag with cinch-style closure
    • Tickling feather to tease and tantalize
    • Stretch-to-fit eye mask
    • 2 soft, squeezable nipple suckers with angled base for extra suction and increased sensitivity

    PP (cuffs, straps) PE (ball gag) Nickel-Free Iron (chain, D-rings) Phthalate-Free PVC (nipple suckers) Nylon (eye mask) Ostrich (feather)

    14.75” (cuffs)

    27” (ball gag)

    1.5” (ball diameter)

    2.25” x 1” (nipple suckers)