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  • Pillow Talk Frisky Pleasure Balls

    $39.00 $26.00

    The new Pillow Talk Frisky Pleasure Balls form a perfect pair of progressive Kegel balls. They are perfectly weighted to strengthen one's pelvic muscles and increase excitement. These pleasure balls deliver a stimulating rocking motion inspired by one's natural movements. 

    Frisky has a padded cushion texture which helps in keeping them in place, and a stylish silicone cord that dazzles with Swarovski crystal.

    Key Features: 

    • Super silky high-grade silicone finish
    • Flexible
    • Comfortable cushion textured grip 
    • Dazzles with Swarovski crystal
    • Elegant design
    • 1 Year warranty provided by BMS Factory


    Weight - 57 g (single ball), 73 g (duo balls)

    Length - 203 mm

    Diameter - 32 mm