• Pink Privates Intimate Lightening Cream


    If you are looking for an intimate lightening product to help even out the look of your skin tone, especially your intimate areas, then you'll want to try Pink Privates! 

    Pink Privates is formulated to help address the look of discolored areas by blending and enhancing the skin's overall appearance in both intimate and sensitive areas, such as the outer skin of the vagina, penis, anal, nipples, scrotum, and dark underarms.

    • Uses safe and effective ingredients
    • Does NOT contain any potentially dangerous ingredients such as Hydroquinone
    • Has no known side effects
    • Applicable on the outer skin of anus and vagina, along with the penis, underarms, nipples and scrotum area safely
    • Positive results may be seen in as little as eight weeks
    • Formulated for both men and women.

    Pink Privates is not only formulated to work safely and effectively on all intimate areas, but it works on all other common skin hyperpigmentation issues - like freckles, moles, age spots or sun spots - with less risk of sensitivity or irritation to the skin.

    1 oz pump bottle.