Pure Instinct True Blue Pheromone Infused Massage Candle


Invite desire with the Pure Instinct Massage Candle.

Made with a proprietary blend of natural soy and essential oils, the pheromone-infused candle is formulated for setting an enticing ambiance, providing a unique warming sensual massage experience, and to be the perfect after bath or shower skin treat.

The clean-burning candle melts down into a warm (never hot - only a few degrees above your body temperature!) nourishing and moisturizing massage and body oil. 

The frosted glass jar adds a beautiful glow to the room to help you relax or to set the mood.

The gender neutral pheromones are designed to enhance attraction. Pheromones are known to induce a variety of behaviors, but are most recognized for triggering sexual arousal in others. You've naturally got 'em. Pure Instinct helps you flaunt 'em. 

Fragrance: This classic unisex fragrance bursts with a succulent blend of Australian mango, mandarin, cinnamon & honey and seals the deal with a well-rounded base of white musk.

5.2 oz. Glass jar.