• Rock Candy Gummy Ball Finger Fitting Vibe

    $11.00 $9.95

    A kaleidoscope of colorful vibrations on your fingertips!

    The Gummy Ball will fit any fantasy, comfortably stretching onto any finger (or two, or three)! Turn your hands into a real-life gumball machine, providing pinpointed pleasure to virtually any sweet spot!

    Each Gummy Ball comes in a variety of playful colors that are a feast for the eyes and a sensory delight against the skin. The high-powered motor boasts 5 powerful functions that pack a sweet punch anywhere and everywhere you crave! The Gummy Ball is waterproof, wireless, and discreet for on-the-go fun! Have a ball!


    • Realistic, gummy soft texture
    • Ultra-powered motor that packs a sweet punch
    • Discreetly sized for on-the-go enjoyment
    • Waterproof design
    • Easy-to-operate single push-button control
    • Classic candy colors include Bubblegum Pink, Blueberry Blue, Cinnamon Red and Jelly Bean Purple