• SlingO Swing


    A unique ring for perineum massage

    The SlingO Swing is a 100% silicone c-ring with a contoured sling made to massage the perineum – an often overlooked erogenous zone on men! Also known as the “taint,” the perineum is a sensitive part of the body that, when stimulated using firm pressure, can enhance and intensify his orgasm.

    Featuring a solid silicone ball at its tip, the SlingO Swing positions to fit directly against his perineum with just enough pressure to enhance his sexual experience in every sex position without the need for manual stimulation or vibration.

    Made of lab-tested body-safe silicone, the SlingO Swing stretches around the shaft and testicles with the sling worn underneath and should feel firm and snug against the body. With every thrust, the SlingO Swing presses pleasantly against the perineum as he gets closer to orgasm, providing erection-enhancement and an especially enjoyable sensation that many men don’t yet know they love!

    • Unique design provides support and perineum massage
    • Solid silicone ball for firm pressure
    • Stretchy silicone ring fits firm around penis and testicles


    6.5" x 3.7" x  1.97"