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  • Soft Blindfold


    An incredibly easy, exciting way to add to foreplay, the Soft Blindfold is a beginner-geared mask that lets you experience mild sensory deprivation. You may have heard that when one sense is taken away or dulled, the rest are heightened. Slip the super soft, velvety mask over the eyes of your desire's object, or your own, and explore this theory for yourselves. Whether you notice enhanced touch, taste, smell and sound, there's no doubt that the Soft Blindfold will add a breathtaking sense of the unexpected to playtime. The mask is extremely soft and formfitting, with a stretchy elastic headband to hold it in place. Thanks to the flexible sizing, this lovers tool is suitable for most sizes.

    Elastic, polyester fabric.

    From Sportsheets  - keeping couples connected for over 20 years!