• Swipes Lovin Wipes


    These towelettes are designed with the intent of cleaning up before or after intimate moments with the softest eco-friendly ingredients. Free of Alcohol, Chlorine & Dyes - Just right for sensitive places!

    Each pack contains 42 Lovin Wipes, and they are available in 2 fragrance options:

    • Original Cucumber Scent: Mildly scented with a fresh, light cucumber fragrance, these biodegradable wipes are the natural choice for personal cleanliness before or after intimate moments.
    • Unscented: To be as discreet as possible, choose our unscented flushable wipes. Perfect for use before or after a special encounter - and no one will know but you. Free from harsh chemical components like alcohol and chlorine, Swipes Lovin Wipes: Unscented contain only all-natural ingredients like pure water, aloe and vitamin E.