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  • Swiss Navy 4-in-1 Playful Flavors


    So decadent they’re too good to be just lubes. 

    The warming 4-in-1 Playful Flavors can be used for unlimited amounts of fun. From a simple massage, teasing foreplay, oral fun, extended sex play - let your imagine run wild and you’ll never run out of fantasies for use.

    The slippery warming formula heats up with friction and when you lick or blow on it, and not only adds excitement to romantic activities, but promotes increased bloodflow to erogenous zones for extra sensitivity.

    Swiss Navy uses a Fortune 500 food company to formulate their delicious flavors to ensure 4-in-1 Playful Flavors would taste genuinely like their name.

    All of the flavors are paraben-free, sugar-free, non- staining and non-sticky. Play together, stay together. Love your love life!

    Available in five flavors:

    • Poppin Wild Cherry
    • Chocolate Sensation
    • Wild Passion Fruit
    • Straw-Kiwi Pleasures
    • Salted Caramel


    • Flavored multi-use massage gel and lubricant
    • Warming formula
    • Sensual massage gel
    • Enhances oral sex
    • Warms with licks, blows, or with friction
    • Long lasting for extended sex play

    Available in 1 oz. or 4 oz bottles