• SXY Perfectly Bound Deluxe Neoprene Cross Cuffs


    A Revolutionary Cuff for the NXT Level of Bondage Play.

    Safe, fast to fit, comfortable and fully-adjustable, the cuffs of the future have a name: SXY!

    These modern cuffs can be installed in just a few seconds. They hold your subject effectively and are comfortable to wear.

    Unlike traditional cuffs, these unique pivoting cuffs leave the arms in a natural resting position for added comfort.

    The SXY Cross Cuffs are equipped with Velcro fastenings for accurate adjustment and fast installation. There are fitted with a D Ring to attach them to other BDSM accessories or restraint systems.


    • Firm hold for instant control and passionate power play
    • Unique pivoting cuffs give total comfort however much you resist
    • Strong Velcro fastening fits all allowing you to take turns being charge
    • Strategically placed D Ring to expand restraint options
    • Comfortably padded
    • Adapts to all wrist sizes