• Synergy by Wet


    A unique blend of water + silicone gives you LiquiSatisfaction. It lasts 7 times longer than traditional water-based formulas!

    Synergy is a soothing cushion of ultra-thick gel transforms into a silky layer of liquid lubrication with the heat from your body. This hydrating formula delivers long lasting moisture with the easy clean-up of a water-based gel. It is recommended for use with toys and rigorous activity!

    In addition to being a wonderful personal lubricant, Synergy is a great long-lasting, silky massage glide. It can also be used as a hair smoother for a shinier and frizz-free mane, as well as a skin conditioner that soothes and protects your skin.

    Available in Original Basic or with the added sensation of Cool Tingle or Warming.

    Synergy +Cool Tingle features all of the benefits of the original Synergy Basic with added cool tingling sensation. It has a fresh peppermint flavor and scent.

    Synergy +Warming features all of the benefits of Synergy Basic with the added sensation of warming.  

    Available in 3.3 oz. bottles.