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    The Bijoux Indiscrets HOROSCOPE collection invites you to discover what your sign says about your wildest side. Are you ardent? Adventurous? Insatiable? Find out with these Zodiac-themed kits created to let your feminine energy flow.

    In Western culture, the sky is split into 12 segments, with each one corresponding to their main constellation: the zodiac constellation. According to astrology, your zodiac sign—which is based on your date of birth—will determine certain characteristics about you.

    The 12 signs are then divided into 4 elements: water, air, earth and fire. And signs that share an element often have similar characteristics.

    Water signs tend to be sensitive, intuitive and dreamers. Air signs share traits such as adaptability, assertiveness and intellectual thinking. Earth signs aim to be ambitious, hardworking and cautious — something they don’t have in common with Fire signs, who are impulsive, passionate and often call the shots.

    HOROSCOPE offers made-to-measure orgasms according to your sign’s personality. The 12 pleasure kits awaken your full physical and emotional potential by combining aromatherapy, astrology, and lithotherapy with self-love.

    Each HOROSCOPE Gift Set includes:

    • Necklace with your Zodiac gemstone – Use the necklace to keep your gemstone close to your skin and let your feminine energy flow. Natural gemstones colors may vary depending on the stone and polishing technique.
    • Clitoral Balm – Fragranced with the aroma of your element: water, fire, earth, or air. Apply a small amount to your clitoris and let its warming effect and aroma keep you focused on your pleasure. 
    • Finger Vibrator – 10 different vibration settings for you to explore your body. Slide your index finger through the loop and move it towards your intimate area. Discover your pleasure zones and reach orgasm. Batteries included.

    Combine all three elements for a personalized journey of pleasure and awakening!

    To learn more about your personal feminine energy set, search your zodiac sign:

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