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  • Ultimate Personal Shaver


    For silky smooth skin with no nicks, cuts, or razor bumps, the new Ultimate Personal Shaver by Swan can't be beat. 

    This bundle includes a Precision Trimmer attachment for detailed trimming, a comb with length settings, and a finishing head for those hard-to-reach spots. You also get a stencil trimmer with 11 stencils to let your inner artist have some fun. The included base organizer gives everything a home, and the cleaning brush and storage bag make sure your Ultimate Personal Shaver is kept clean and safe.

    Ultimate Personal Shaver Kit includes:

    • Ultimate Personal Shaver by Swan Unit
    • Interchangeable Shaving Attachments:  Main Trimmer, Precision Trimmer & Comb with Length Settings, Finishing Head, Stencil Trimmer
    • 11 Assorted Shaving Stencils
    • Cleaning Brush
    • Travel Storage Bag
    • Base Organizer