• VēDO Bolt C-Ring Set

    $15.00 $13.95

    BOLT non-vibrating c-rings are sleek and sexy and make you stay rock hard. 

    Made from silky smooth silicone, this 3 pack of c-rigs (small, medium and large) are super stretchy and made to fit any girth. 

    Each c-ring comes with a convenient pull tab for easy removal from your shaft or nut sack (scrotum for some). Just poke your pecker and/or drop your sack though a couple of these bolts and you’re good to go.


    • Tab designed for easy taking off
    • Stronger erection
    • Delayed ejaculation
    • Set of ring for custom combination
    • Velvety smooth silicone
    • 1 Year warranty provided by VeDO


    Inner diameter: 3.2cm, 3.8cm, and 4.5cm