• Wanna Be Aroused Oral Sex Gel


    This delicious gel is made with lubricating ingredients to produce a smooth, satisfying action, and makes giving & receiving oral pleasure a more fulfilling experience for both partners!

    Using  Honey Extract  (a skin lubricating/ moisturizing/ sugar-free version) and Honeysuckle Flower Extract (a natural non-irritating preservative) the gel delivers smooth lubrication for increased sensitivity. It allows for heightened arousal & enhancement with every touch, and adds a pleasing, delicious taste to excite foreplay.

    Place a small amount of product to his or her sweet spot to enjoy an enhanced sensation.

    Available in four scrumptious flavors:

    • Cotton Candy
    • Strawberry
    • Caramel Kiss
    • Pink Cupcake
    2.2 oz. Pump bottle.

    From everyone's favorite Pheromone & Romance Enhancement Product company - Crazy Girl!