• Wet Elite Femme Cool Tingle Water Based Lubricant


    Designed for the modern women.

    This formula is a favorite for those who prefer a more viscous, gel-like lubricant. Wet Elite Femme Cool Tingle provides long lasting lubrication that is always silky, never sticky

    The Cool Tingle is provided by the addition of 1.5% Peppermint extract, which creates a stimulating sensation that helps heighten sensitivity. The additional sensation is not overwhelming, immediately stopping when it's washed off.  Peppermint has been used in aromatherapy to enliven the senses and invigorate the mind. The scent may also mask some odors that arise during sex leaving you fresh. 

    This clear formula feels light and silky on the skin, with plenty of lasting power. It will not stain your sheets. Any spills will simply wash away when you launder them as usual. 


    • Pure Water Based
    • Thrills and Excites
    • Fresh Scent

    Available in 1 oz., 3 oz., and 5 oz. bottles.