Wet Together Lubricant for Couples


Become ONE… together.

His warms. Hers tingles. She applies his to him. He applies hers to her. The intimate act of touching makes the connection. The two unite, body to body, heart to heart. Two exciting sensations… Become ONE… together.

When combined, skin to skin, both unique Wet Together formulas provide longer lasting, silky smooth lubrication and sensation. We recommend using them together as they form a double layer of sensational liquid lubrication. Now kosher!

Lubricant for her:

  • Gently Tingles on Contact
  • Pure High Grade Silicone Base
This silicone based formula (For Her) contains a hint of peppermint extract for a cool, tingling sensation that is sure to bring you to new heights of ecstasy. The lubricant gently tingles on contact for up to 20 minutes. It is clear and colorless and has a fresh scent.

Lubricant for him:

  • Gently Heats on Contact
  • Water Soluble

This glycerin based formula (For Him) creates a natural warming sensation that is sure to make your play time even hotter. The glycerin is activated with moisture so blow or breathe on the area you lubricant for an extra warming sensation. The lubricant gently warms on contact for up to 10 minutes. It is clear and colorless and has a naturally sweet taste.

Contains (2) 2 oz. bottles.