• Wet Warming Gel Lubricant


    Turn up the heat!

    Wet Warming gently heats on contact and warms with motion… Blow on it, it gets warmer.

    Wet Warming is odorless, colorless, and latex friendly. It washes away easily with warm water. Made with ethically-sourced, kosher-certified US Pharmacopeia grade palm glycerin and moisturizing Vitamin E. It is recommended for use with all types of toys and for warming massage as well.

    The intensity of the warming sensation will depend on the amount of moisture in your skin. You can increase the sensation by spreading a thin layer of Wet Warming on the skin and blowing or breathing on it. The moisture in your breath will enhance the warming sensation.


    • Water Soluble
    • Gentle Heating Sensation
    • Use On the Nipples and Erogenous Zones Too

    Available in 1 oz., 3 oz. and 5 oz. Bottles.